South Gate Police

The South Gate Police Department is proudly dedicated to the highest level of police service, improving quality of life, and providing a safe community.

Staff Directory

Police Department 

Name Title Email Phone
Arakawa, Darren Chief of Police Email 323-563-5408

Detective Bureau

Phone: 323-563-5418

Link: Detective Bureau Page

Name Title Email Phone
Camacho, Sergio Detective Lieutenant Email 323-563-9675
Rodriguez, Juan  Detective Sergeant Email 323-563-5454
Padilla, Brian Detective Email 323-563-5482
Meza-Medrano, Sara Detective Email 323-563-5464
Melendrez, Daniel Detective Email 323-563-5466
Morales, Isaac  Detective Email 323-563-5471
Sanchez, Donny Detective Email 323-357-9693
Dinh, Martin Technical Service Manager Email 323-563-5474
Rodriguez, Manuela Records Manager Email 323-563-5485
Cyr, Bill Crime Analyst Email 323-357-9628
Discovery, Requests Discovery Requests Email 323-563-9593
Maldonado, Laura Domestic Violence Program Manager Email 323-357-9667
Kendall, Martha Court Subpoena Coordinator Email 323-563-5475
Palos, Sean Crime Prevention Specialist Email 323-563-5465

Illegal Dumping

Phone: (323) 563- 9575

Link: Illegal Dumping Page

Narcotics Division

Phone: 888-746-2727

Link: Narcotics Division Page

Police Command Staff

Phone: 323-563-5436

Name Title Email Phone
Arakawa, Darren Chief of Police Email 323-563-5408
Perez, Edward Captain Email 323-563-5486
Arana, Manuel Captain Email 323-563-5453
Camacho, Sergio Lieutenant Email 323-563-9675
Corella,Carlos Lieutenant Email 323-357-9457
Amador, Roman Lieutenant Email 323-563-5457
Garcia, Evelyn Lieutenant Email 323-563-5457
Chavez, James Lieutenant Email 323-563-5457
Brown, Sam Lieutenant Email 323-563-5457

Police Supervision

Phone: 323-563-5436

Link: Police Department Page

Name Title Email Phone
Rodriguez, Juan Detective Sergeant Email 323-563-5436
Ververa, Ismael Crime Impact Team Sergeant Email 323-563-5436
Munoz, Armando Sergeant Email 323-563-5436
Dahlia, Chris Sergeant Email 323-563-5436
Scott,Guerrero Sergeant Email 323-563-5436
Sanchez, David  Sergeant Email 323-563-5436
Gonzalez, Juan C. Narcotics Division Sergeant Email 323-563-5436
 Prado, Gerado  Sergeant  Email  323-563-5436

Property & Evidence

Phone: 323-563-5490

Link: Property & Evidence Page

Name Title Email Phone
Hernandez, Alexis Police Property Manager Email 323-563-5490

Recruiting / Background Division

Phone: 323-563-5480

Link: Recruiting / Background Division Page

Name Title Email Phone
Bolar, Ed Administrative Sergeant Email 323-563-5476
Urtez, Yolanda Administrative Analyst Email 323-563-5480

Traffic Division

Phone: 323-563-5493

Link: Traffic Division Page

Name Title Email Phone
Thorenson, Steve Traffic Sergeant Email 323-357-9618