Detective Bureau personnel in front of South Gate City Hall

The South Gate Police Department Detective Bureau is responsible for the investigation of criminal offenses. The function of the Detective is to provide investigative, analytical, and crime victim services to the community. Once the investigation has taken its course, the Detectives work with the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Offices in obtaining a criminal filing.

Investigative Units

Criminal Investigations are performed by 2 separate units: General Investigations and the South Gate Narcotic and Special Problems Unit (SGN). General Investigators are charged with follow-up investigations of reported crimes against persons and property.

South Gate Police Department Detective Bureau

Crime Categories

The majority of crimes investigated fall within the 7 major crime categories:

  • Crimes Against Persons
    • Assault
    • Forcible Rape
    • Homicide
    • Robbery
  • Crimes Against Property
    • Auto Theft
    • Burglary
    • Larceny

It is important that victims of crime immediately report the incident to their local police department.

Crimes Against Property

For Crimes Against Property it is important that the crime scene be preserved and that the scene not be cleaned up prior to the arrival of law enforcement personnel. If you believe you are a victim of fraud or identity theft, it is important that you first gather up whatever paperwork may exist prior to contacting the police to make a report.

Why is this important? Fraud and identity theft cases are often very difficult to work and require documentation in order to work the case. Immediately cancel any credit cards and/or notify your financial institutions if you believe you are a victim of identity theft and/or fraud.

Illegal marijuana crop

Narcotics Division

The investigative responsibility for narcotics-related offenses handled by the South Gate Narcotics Unit include possession, possession for sale, sale and transportation of illegal drugs and other controlled substances. They also investigate local street level narcotic sales, and cases involving money laundering and assets obtained from the profits of drug trafficking.

The SGN Unit also assists with other investigations that are complex by nature and require special talents, or that are manpower intensive. The South Gate Police Department has been on the forefront of drug investigation for decades and have participated in numerous Task Forces including:

  • DEA Los Angeles High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Group 48 (L.A. HIDTA)
  • DEA Southwest Border Task Force
  • Los Angeles Intergancy Metropolitan Police Crime Apprehension Task Force (L.A. IMPACT)
  • South East Area Narcotics Enforcement Task Force (SEANET)
  • Southeast Cities Against Narcotics (SCAN)

DEA badge

DEA Task Force Officers

The South Gate Police Department has been a proud partner of the Drug Enforcement Administration for decades. Successful apprehension and prosecution of large scale drug traffickers often require resources from the local, state and federal levels. The South Gate Police Department recognizes the benefits of these partnerships and currently have two Detectives assigned to DEA Enforcement Groups. Throughout the years, our investigations resulted in the seizure of significant amounts of drugs, weapons, and drug proceeds as well as the arrest of violators.