Citizen's Advisory Committee


The Citizen's Advisory Committee (CAC) meets as needed throughout the year.


The CAC is comprised of 20 members appointed by, and reporting to, the City Council.


The committee is involved in the development and/or review of all elements pertaining to the planning and preparation of the Community Development Block Grant Program. The CAC may also assess community development needs and review community objectives whenever deemed necessary.

Committee Facts

There is no provision in the City’s Municipal Code that prevents a member from serving on multiple City committees or commissions. However, the City’s custom and practice is to avoid allowing a member to serve on multiple boards at the same time.

Elected officials are not permitted to serve as members of the CAC.

Meeting Compensation Disclosure

Pursuant to Government Code Section 54952.3, disclosure of compensation for meeting attendance by the CAC is $25.00 per meeting. Meeting attendance is required to receive compensation.

Agendas & Minutes