The South Gate General Plan was adopted in December of 2009 and is the primary legal document to guide long-term growth, development and conservation in the city. Its purpose is to:

  • identify planning goals.
  • provide a basis for decision making.
  • provide citizens a forum for input on their community’s direction.
  • inform citizens, developers, decision makers, and other cities of the ground rules for development within the city.

General Plan Elements

Community Design

This section meets the land use element requirement and provides regulation for the use of land in South Gate. It addresses a variety of city-wide topics such as the intended character and density of development in the city, preservation of historical resources, elimination of blight, and contact between uses. It also subdivides the city into unique districts, corridors and neighborhoods. Download the Community Design Element(PDF, 32MB)  for more information regarding:


This element identifies how people and goods will move around the city. It provides a vision for South Gate’s transportation infrastructure, including public transit service and bike, pedestrian and automobile facilities. Review the Mobility Element(PDF, 7MB)  for more information about:


This element clarifies the City’s Vision for economic development. It includes policies about which type of jobs and economic activity the city wishes to foster and the economic desirability of different types of development. Download the Economic Element(PDF, 3MB)  for more information.

Green City

This element contains goals and policies to create a “greener” city, and includes directions for park, civic plazas, open space, rivers, trails, equestrian facilities, the conservation of natural resources, energy and climate change, and green buildings. More information is available in the Green City Element(PDF, 916KB)  download.

Healthy Community

This element addresses what is one of the fundamental legal and historical relationships for planning: protecting the health and welfare of the city’s residents. It also includes policies related to overall well-being, physical activity, nutrition, access to health care, and a safe transportation system. The Healthy Community Element(PDF, 2MB)  download contains more information.

Public Facilities and Services

This element provides information and policy guidance to ensure the sufficient facilities and services will be provided to support existing and new development in South Gate. Topics include police and fire services, schools, waste, services for recycling, water and waste water, and stormwater. Review the Public Facilities and Services Element(PDF, 572KB)  download for more information.


This element identifies policies for limiting the community’s exposure to sources of excessive noise. Download the Noise Element(PDF, 2MB) to learn more.