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Administrative Services

  • Telephone323-563-9523

The Administrative Services Department oversees many of the city’s day-to-day government operations, and provides services to the public and other city departments.

City Attorney

  • Telephone323-563-9538

The City Attorney is appointed by the City Council.

City Clerk’s Office

  • Telephone323-563-9573

The City Clerk Department maintains the city’s records management system as well as the legislative history of the city, including the Municipal Code.

City Manager

  • Telephone323-563-9503

The City Manager’s Office provides oversight and direction to all city programs to ensure that they meet the needs of the community and respond to City Council goals.

City Treasurer

  • Telephone323-563-9500

The City Treasurer is an elected position in the City of South Gate.

Community Development

The Community Development Department consists of 5 divisions working closely together to provide a comprehensive approach to planning the best future possible for South Gate.

Parks & Recreation

Get information about the Parks and Recreation Department of South Gate.


The Planning Division ensures all development adheres to the long-ter goals and objectives of the city’s General Plan which serves as the city’s road map and guides the overall form of the city.

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