The Planning Division is responsible for the long-term goals and objectives of the City’s General Plan, which serves as the City’s roadmap and guides the overall fabric of the City. Our Division reviews proposed residential, commercial, industrial, and open space development for consistency with the standards and policies adopted by the City. Our focus is the compatibility of design and economic viability of the City.


      Planning Division Approvals are valid for one (1) year onlY


Applicants are required to obtain Building & Safety Division permits prior to the expiration of Planning Division approvals. New submittals and applicable fees are required after approval expirations.


COUNTER SERVICES: We are accepting walk-ins from 7-11:30 am, Monday thru Thursday. Please note that our counter will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons until further notice. To schedule an appointment, please click here.


Please note that the Planning Division will only be accepting digital applications. Please email a complete application to  



Plan Check Process

  1. Pre-review: Plan on adding to your home, converting your garage into an ADU, etc. and you would like for our Planning Division to review your plans before submitting your project proposal, please email plans to If you would rather set up an appointment, please contact us to schedule one.
  2. Ready to submit: Please submit two sets of the architectural plans along with a completed Plan Check Application(PDF, 460KB)  , photographs of the project address, and a colors & materials sheet. We will contact you once your application has been processed and your project has been placed in queue to be reviewed.
  3. Review: Once your project plans have been reviewed, you will receive notification of approval or of items that need to be addressed. Please email any resubmittal to the Planner who did the initial review.
  4. ApprovedYour next step is to contact either Building & Safety or Public Works/Engineering.

Land-Use Entitlement Process

Step 1: Pre-Application Review

A preliminary meeting with Planning Staff is recommended, though not required. The meeting will give you and Staff a chance to review your project and the applicable Zoning standards. It also helps to determine what permits are required and calculate the fees.

Step 2: Application Submittal

Prepare and submit ALL required application(PDF, 277KB)  materials to the Planning Division along with the required fees. You will receive a case number for your project and a receipt for your fee payment. Five (5) sets of plans are required for the initial review. Remember that all required forms must be completed and filled out legibly. It should be noted that for larger projects, additional or supplemental fees may be required to cover an expanded environmental review process and other supplemental services and/or analysis.

Step 3: Staff Review of Application for Completeness

Applications will be reviewed within thirty (30) days. Staff will examine the application materials, in reviewing your plans, justification statement and other information. Staff will make one or more site visits, and may contact surrounding property owners. Owner’s affidavit must be signed by owner or agent assigned responsibility by owner. Staff will notify you in writing that the application is accepted as complete or that it is not complete and additional material and/or information is required. When the packet is complete and a hearing date is set, additional plans including an electronic PDF will be required. After acceptance of the completed application(s), a public hearing with the Planning Commission will be scheduled for the earliest possible meeting. The Planning Commission meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 7:00 p.m. Staff will advise you of the hearing date.

Step 4: Staff Review for Environmental Determination

Some zoning and subdivision applications require environmental review. Environmental review shall be completed in compliance with state law before final action is taken on the project. Staff will examine the application materials, in reviewing your plans, justification statement and other information. After the Planning Division has evaluated this information, a determination will be made regarding the appropriate environmental documentation for the project. Staff will notify the applicant if additional information or fees are required.

Step 5: Decision on Request

Most decisions on your request will be made by the Planning Commission. The decision could be approval, approval with conditions, continuation for redesign, or denial. General Plan amendments, zone changes, ordinance amendments, and many major development projects are recommended by the Planning Commission required City Council hearing and approval.


In the event that the applicant or an interested party is dissatisfied with a Planning Commission decision, an appeal may be made to the City Council within ten (10) calendar days of the date of notice of decision by staff or adoption of the Planning Commission resolution. Appeals will be heard at a duly notice public hearing.



  1. Complete the Sign Application(PDF, 230KB)
  2. To submit you can either contact one of our Planners and set up an appointment or email all required documents. Your application will be reviewed and an email will be sent to you with payment instructions. 

Azelea Signage Design Standards


  • Interested in establishing a business here in South Gate. Please stop by our Business and Licensing Department for a zoning clearance form. 

  • Interested in finding out what a properties zoning designation is, click the button below: 

    Property Portal

  • For other information please see the button below: 

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Housing Element

See the latest on our City's Housing Element: 

Resolution No. 2022-32-CC(PDF, 328KB)

Housing Element(PDF, 9MB)

Planning Fees

NOTE: Fees for Accessory Dwelling Units, Residential projects, and for wireless facilities have changed. Please see the updated Planning Fees(PDF, 171KB)

Wireless Facilities


This message contains important information about submittal procedures for wireless communications facility applications. The City reserves the right to update or amend this message from time-to-time. Please contact the Planning Division at (323)563-9565 or

In-Person Submittal Required

To fairly and efficiently manage the intake of all applications for wireless communications facilities, all applications must be submitted in-person to the Planning Division at a pre-scheduled submittal appointment. Applications received by any other means will not be considered duly filed.


Appointments may be scheduled by any of our Planning staff. Staff will endeavor to schedule an appointment within five (5) working days after a request is received. To request an appointment, please contact the Planning Division at (323)563-9565 or Appointment requests received via email or voicemail are not guaranteed a same-day response.

Wireless Facilities Application

The following is the Wireless Facilities Application form and list of requirements. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our Planning Division at (323)563-9565 or via email at 

Wireless-Facility-Application-3.2.22.pdf(PDF, 184KB)

City Office Closures

Applications will not be accepted, and appointments will not be scheduled, during any office closure. The City’s office closure schedule is available on the City’s website at

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)




Temporary Outdoor Business Expansion Permit

No-Fee Temporary Use Permits (TUPs) to allow temporary outdoor business activities on site, sidewalks, City property, and/or parking lots until the LA County Department of Public Health releases guidelines consistent with California Stage 4 regulations. The TUP shall be subject to the Community Development Director’s approval under the State of California’s Covid-19 Emergency Order.

Please submit the following documents to the Planning Division:

Please be aware that every business must comply with the guidelines established by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and any other regulating agencies. A list can be found at


Planning Documents