Application Procedure

The following steps show the procedure for all types of development applications. Please read the following procedures carefully. If you need further clarification on procedures, time-frame or fees, please contact the Planning Division at 323-563-9565 or via email.

  1. Pre-Application Review A preliminary meeting with Planning Staff is recommended. The meeting will give you and staff a chance to review your project and the applicable zoning standards. It also helps to determine what permits are required and calculate the fees.

  2. Application Submittal Prepare and submit All required application materials to the Planning Division along with the required fees. You will receive a case number for your project and a receipt for your fee payment. Initial review requires 5 sets of plans. Remember that all required forms must be completed and filled out legibly. It should be noted that for larger projects, additional or supplemental fees may be required to cover an expanded environmental review process and other supplemental services and/or analysis.

  3. Staff Review of Application for Completeness Applications will be reviewed within 30 days. Staff will examine the application materials and will be distribute to other departments. Staff will make one or more site visits, and may contact surrounding property owners. Owner’s affidavit must be signed by owner or agent assigned responsibility by owner. Staff will notify you in writing that the application is accepted as complete, or that it is not complete and additional material and/or information is required. When the packet is complete, additional plans will be required, including a PDF version.

    After acceptance of the completed application(s), a public hearing with the Planning Commission will be scheduled for the earliest possible meeting. The Planning Commission meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 7 p.m. Staff will advice you of the hearing date.

  4. Staff Review for Environmental Determination Most zoning and subdivision applications require environmental review. Environmental review shall be completed in compliance with state law before final action can be taken on the project. Staff will examine the application materials, including your plans, justification statement and other information. After the Planning Division has evaluated this information, a determination will be made regarding the appropriate environmental documentation for the project. Staff will notify the applicant if additional information or fees are required.

  5. Decision on Request Most decisions on your request will be made by the Planning Commission. The decision could be approval, approval with conditions, continuation for redesign, or denial. General Plan amendments, zone changes, ordinance amendments, and many major development projects are recommended by the Planning Commission and require City Council hearing and approval.


In the event that the applicant or an interested part is dissatisfied with a Planning Commission decision, an appeal may be made to the City Council within 15 calendar days of the date of notice of decision by staff or adoption of the Planning Commission resolution. Appeals will be heard at a duly notice public hearing.

Note: All City Council decisions are final.


Your application packet should include 3 sets of forms.


Planning Division Fees(PDF, 19KB)