Background Investigation

Those candidates who pass the oral interview will be invited into the background investigation process. Candidates will initially be scheduled to have their fingerprints recorded, sign various forms and waivers, and complete a (confidential) Pre-Investigative Questionnaire. The Pre-Investigative Questionnaire center on those factors that bear a demonstrable relationship to one’s fitness and suitability for the position of Police Officer.

Questionnaire Topics

A few topic areas of inquiry in the questionnaire include:

  • Criminal / Legal History
  • Education
  • Employment History
  • Financial History
  • Law Enforcement History
  • Military History
  • Traffic History, etc.

Candidates will be provided with some forms to review, sign, and complete while at home. Candidates will have a predetermined amount of days to complete these forms and submit the most current version of the Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Personal History Statement (DOC). The Peace Officer (form 2-251) Personal History Statement can be downloaded and saved to most computers allowing candidates to save their progress while completing it, as well as retaining the document for future purposes.

Out of State Peace Officers

Current peace officers from any state other than California may apply as a lateral police officer after they have been issued a current California Commission on POST Basic Waiver and Requalification Course certificate. Please review POST Form 2-267 (DOC) for more information on this process. The candidate will have time to gather all of the required personal original documents needed for the next meeting during the previously mentioned 2 week period.

Original or certified original documents will be requested by each candidate’s background investigator. Original/Certified Original documents can and should be ordered immediately by each candidate if they do not currently possess them.

Post Background Check

Up to 14 days later (or earlier if requested by the candidate), the background investigator will review the previously mentioned questionnaires with the candidate present. The area of review and discussion will mainly revolve around the topics included in the POST Personal History Statement.

Successful completion within 3 years of a Basic Police Academy which meets all the requirements of the California Commission on Police Standards and Training (POST), or current enrollment in Basic POST Academy and have successfully completed the 1st 1/2 of a POST recognized academy at the time of application.

Employment within the last 12 months in position requiring California Basic POST Certificate, applicant must meet all other California POST requirements. Academy graduates must attach a copy of Academy Certificate with application. Computer literacy is desirable. Details of the essential duties are on file in the Human Resources Department.