Required Documents

The below list of original or certified original documents will be requested by each candidate’s background investigator. Original/Certified Original documents can and should be ordered immediately by each candidate if they do not currently possess them.

Each candidate will be required to show proof of the following original or certified original documents during the course of the background investigation:

  • Any P.O.S.T. Certificates: Training Certificates, Basic P.O.S.T. Academy Certification, etc.
  • Any police training records for laterals
  • Birth Certificate
  • California Drivers License
  • College transcripts
  • DD-214 forms for applicants having served in the (active and reserve) Armed Forces
  • Evidence of auto insurance
  • High School diploma or equivalency, such as a GED: The original/certified test score along with the original GED Diploma are required as proof of passing
  • Marriage documents, certificates, and/or dissolution papers
  • P.O.S.T. Basic Waiver documents
  • P.O.S.T. Re-Qualification Basic Course Certificate
  • Selective Service Registration letter (Male applicants born on or after December 31, 1959)
  • Social Security Card