WeTip Logo

WeTip was founded in 1972 as an anonymous crime reporting resource for citizens, and a tool to aid law enforcement. This tremendously successful program has dramatically impacted crime and has significantly reduced crime incidents in communities and schools nationwide.


Originally started as a citizen's group to eliminate drug dealers, today WeTip has expanded to accept information on all major crimes. Working together in support of trained law enforcement officers, citizens have used the WeTip system to launch a concerted attack against crime in their communities. The concept is simple: WeTip provides an anonymous, toll-free crime hotline to citizens who have information about a crime and want the authorities to have the information without having to reveal their identity in any way.

WeTip is committed to providing the most effective anonymous citizens crime reporting system in the nation. WeTip promises and insures absolute anonymity, not just confidentiality. WeTip is unlike any other hotline. Callers to WeTip can place absolute trust in WeTip and the fact that no one can ever know their identity (not even WeTip!).

Basic Purpose

The basic purpose of WeTip Inc. is to provide an absolutely anonymous crime reporting resource to residents, students and businesses throughout the entire Nation. WeTip has been established by citizens and for citizens, who have information regarding a crime but fear reprisal from the criminal they are turning in. WeTip has been created as an effective tool for law enforcement, not to circumvent law enforcement, but to help Law Enforcement and Corporate Security investigations. This tool is for the segment of the population that will not contact the law enforcement agency directly.