Explorer Program

Explorer program police team

Explorer Post 1969 is designed to offer the youth of the community an opportunity to interact with police personnel and to develop an understanding of law enforcement. Explorers must be at least 14 years old and may participate until age 21. All explorers attend an academy and are trained in the different divisions of the police department. Explorers supplement personnel in many areas including:

  • Detective Bureau
  • DUI Checkpoints
  • Record Bureau
  • Search Missions for Missing Children
  • Traffic Control
  • Unlicensed Vendor Details

They also participate in Red Ribbon Week, and provide color guard details for formal ceremonies during city events. The Explorer Program provides both experience and a valuable training ground for future police officers with the South Gate Police Department.

Annual Activities

Annually, the explorers compete in different tactical scenarios. Explorers also compete in other events to earn spirit points which include:

  • Jumper Obstacle Course
  • Obstacle Course
  • Rock Climbing
  • Tug-of-War

The explorers participate in a 3-mile run and compete with explorers from other agencies. The explorers participate in a traditional spirit run. This year's explorers all did a wonderful job throughout the competitions and had a great time. Through the year, explorers volunteer over 3,000 hours to the South Gate Police Department. For more information about our Explorer Post, contact Sgt. Roman Amador.

Explorer Competition

The South Gate Police Explorers have been training for the past several months for a tactical competition in the State of Arizona. On January 16th, 2014, 11 police explorers attended this competition. The competition encompassed over 15 events that challenged the explorers in tactical situations, along with mental and physical challenges. For example - the entire team was tasked with locating explosives, then marking them and announcing to the rest of the team the danger they presented.


Team Police Explorers Receiving Recognition

The South Gate Police Explorers represented the South Gate Police Department with pride and enthusiasm. The end result in recognition, the team received 3 trophies for their efforts. Police Explorer Cortes received 3rd place in a 5k race. Police Explorer Palacios received 2nd place in the 5k race, and Police Explorer Herrera received 2nd place in a tactical obstacle race.

The South Gate Police Explorers participated in 2 full days of competitions and had a great time during this event. Each member of the team trained really hard, and the police department personnel spent countless hours training the explorers for this competition.