Domestic Violence Prevention

The Family Violence Prevention Program is designed to promote awareness and education about issues related to family violence in our community. Through this program, victims and survivors of family violence have access to support and educational groups, individual counseling, referrals to community resources, and assistance with placement into shelter in emergency situations. The program also provides victims and survivors of domestic violence with information and assistance with filling out the necessary paperwork to obtain retraining orders, and provides support during and after the criminal trial.


Program Managers

The Program Manager works closely with detectives and officers to ensure that victims who are in need of psychological or community services are connected with appropriate resources as soon as possible. This process assists victims in becoming self-reliant and less likely to become victimized again.

In addition, the Program Manager provides supportive services such as accompanying victims to court during civil, criminal and child custody hearings. Through partnerships with non-profit organizations, participants have access to additional support services that assist victims to become and stay self-sufficient.

Group Counseling Program

The group counseling program gives participants a safe and confidential environment where they can learn about the psychological, social, and emotional effects that family violence had on children, families, and the community. Through this program, participants have the opportunity to learn from the traumatic experiences of other victims and survivors, which allows them to reflect about their own abusive history and gives them the strength to make positive change. The women who participate in this group not only make friends, which many never had before, but they also create a safety net that will support them in their quest for a violence-free life.

Most importantly, these groups give victims the opportunity to realize that there is hope for their future and that family violence does not have to be a way of life. Participants learn that they can break the cycle of violence.

Other Useful Resources

California Department of Public Health - This site lists help by county with:

  • Counseling services for victims of domestic violence
  • Crisis hotlines
  • Domestic Violence Programs
  • Victim witness assistance programs
  • Women’s Shelters

Victim Compensation - The California Victim Compensation Program (CalVCP) may provide needed compensation to help cover treatment and other support services for victims and their families. The Victim Compensation Program (CalVCP) can also help pay unreimbursed expenses that result when a violent crime occurs. Call 800-777-9229 to reach the Victim Compensation Unit.

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