Published on January 04, 2024

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Now that the holiday season is over and the New Year is settling in, it is time to put away all of the stockings, decorations, and, of course, remove all of your exterior holiday lights.

Every year, the exterior lighting of homes becomes more elaborate and beautiful.

However, exterior holiday lights were not made to be left out for extended periods of time and are considered temporary lighting. The weather, especially the sun, deteriorates the outside plastic coating of the lights and damages the wiring. In addition, leaving exterior holiday lights on homes or apartments long past the traditional end of the season can give the impression of neglect or abandonment and creates a sense of blight. Under the City’s Municipal Code, “temporary electrical power and lighting installations shall be permitted for a period not to exceed 90 days for holiday decorative lighting and similar purposes.”

All holiday lights need to be removed by February 29, 2024. While holiday lights brighten the night and help us enjoy the season, it is appreciated if the lights are returned to their boxes until next year.

For more information, please call (323) 563-9558.

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