New Year, Greener South Gate!

Published on January 16, 2024

New Year- Greener South Gate.png

January 2024 marks one year since the City of South Gate partnered with Universal Waste Systems to launch its three-cart collection system!

This simple approach to separating organics, recyclables and landfilled trash has produced a significant increase in organic material recovery and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and we couldn’t have done it without you. Our work in creating a greener South Gate is just getting started, and residents and businesses are a key part of this effort.

We encourage you to start the new year off strong by following these helpful sorting guidelines:

  • Organic materials like food scraps, yard waste and food-soiled paper should be placed in your green cart.
  • Landfilled waste including styrofoam, food packaging and pet waste belong in your black cart.
  • Recyclables like plastic bottles, glass, aluminum cans, clean paper and cardboard go in your blue cart.

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