Graffiti Removal Program

The City's Graffiti Abatement Program supports neighborhood livability and safety by decreasing graffiti, with a goal of discouraging vandalism citywide. Currently, the City's graffiti removal program operates from Monday through Friday. In early July, the Department of Public Works will be activating a weekend graffiti removal program, as an additional measure to rid the City of graffiti. The challenge of keeping the City graffiti free is an ongoing effort. As the City increases its efforts, your participation in the fight against graffiti is essential.

Graffiti Free South Gate

With over 125 miles of City streets to maintain, the Department of Public Works invites you to be their "eyes and ears." If you see graffiti in your area report it as soon as it is noted. The longer graffiti stays up, the more likely the area will be vandalized again.

Graffiti is not only unattractive, it lowers property values and encourages other crimes. This is why our program offers residents a no-cost graffiti removal service.

Contact Us

  • Report graffiti as soon as you see it! The longer it stays, the more likely it will be vandalized again.
  • Call the 24 hour Graffiti Hotline at (323) 563-5793 or (800) 430-8455. Leave your address, daytime telephone number and the exact location of the graffiti.
  • Crews respond to reports of graffiti within 24 hours after receiving notification.

Program Information

  • We will remove graffiti from all parts of the property that are in the public right of way.
  • We will remove graffiti from all parts of the property that are visible from the street, unless on a roof or other hazardous area.
  • The city will use a basic color of paint to cover graffiti. Contact the Public Works Department at 323-563-5773 for a description of the colors used.
  • If you know who is placing graffiti, report them to the school authorities and/or the Police Department.

Graffiti Removal Tips

The City of South Gate's Graffiti Removal Program is aimed at discouraging vandalism and keeping our City clean and beautiful. The following tips will help us win the War on Graffiti:

  • Check your home or business daily for any vandalism. Paint over graffiti before it becomes a bigger job.
  • Keep a supply of matching paint on hand so quick removal is easy to accomplish. Keeping brushes, paint rollers, and other paint supplies handy will also help.
  • If you cannot remove the graffiti yourself, city eradication crews can paint over it with one of the basic colors that are provided by the city.