Testing, Training & Job Offers

Written Examination

Candidates are required to pass a written examination for the position of Entry-Level Police Officer. Lateral Police Officer Applicants are not required to take a written examination. No prior law enforcement knowledge is required to pass this examination. The test is designed to measure general aptitude needed to perform the duties of a police officer. Those candidates who pass the written examination will be scheduled to attend a physical agility examination.

Physical Agility Test Purpose / Location

The physical agility test is designed to gauge an Entry Level Police Officer candidates’ ability to handle physical stress similar to what he/she may encounter during the course of performing the duties of a police officer as well as in the academy. The testing process is administered by South Gate Police Department Staff.

Conditional Job Offer

The candidate will be given a bona-fide Conditional Job Offer after he/she successfully passes the entire background process. This job offer is conditional upon the candidate passing a medical examination with a city appointed physician and a city appointed psychologist.

Final Job Offer

Once deemed medically suitable for duty, the candidate will meet with the Chief of Police and be assigned a date upon which they will begin their 1st assignment as a South Gate Police Recruit/Officer. It is at this time that the candidate must accept or deny the granted position. If currently employed elsewhere, the candidate may submit their 2-week notice of their intent to terminate employment.

Academy Training

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department Training Facility is the location where recruits will complete their academy training.

Field Training Program

After graduating from the police academy the trainee will enter into the field training program. The South Gate Police Department Field Training Program is designed to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed as a South Gate Police Officer. The trainee will be assigned to various Field Training Officers at various phases of his or her training.