Common Code Violations

The following is a list of common code violations. To contact the office during office hours, call 323-563-9558. To contact after hours, including Friday - Sunday, call 323-563-9598.

Property Maintenance, Substandard Building

South Gate Municipal Code, Title 9, Chapter, 9.48, Property Maintenance, Substandard Building, 9.48.020:

  • Inadequate Sanitation  
  • Structural Hazards  
  • Inadequate or Hazardous Wiring  
  • Inadequate or Faulty Plumbing  
  • Inadequate or Faulty Mechanical Equipment  
  • Faulty Weather Protection  
  • Faulty Materials of Construction
  • Hazardous or Insanitary Premises
  • Inadequate Maintenance
  • Inadequate Exits 
  • Fire Hazards
  • Inadequate Fire Protection or
  • Improper Occupancy (examples)

               Enclosed Patio Conversions

               Garage Conversions

               Illegal Divisions of Dwellings

               Laundry Room Conversions

               Rumpus Room Conversions

               Storage Room Conversions

               Any Other Types of Conversions

  • Abandoned and Unfinished Buildings
  • Unpainted Buildings, or Buildings the Paint on Which has Been Cracked, Chipped or Faded
  • Broken Windows
  • Inadequate or Unsightly Boarding or Windows or Doors   

Property Maintenance, Substandard Property

Any property, or portion thereof, in which there exists any of the following conditions is a substandard property:

  • Overgrown vegetation
  • Dead trees, weeds and debris
  • Unkept lawns
  • Dead grass
  • Unkept flower beds
  • Dirt instead of green sod
  • Autos, trucks, trailers, campers, boats and other mobile equipment parked on yard areas not improved with driveway paving which yard areas are contiguous to streets or highways
  • Inoperative or abandoned motor vehicles or parts thereof maintained on the premises
  • Abandoned and broken equipment
  • Neglected machinery
  • Broken or discarded furniture and household equipment in yard areas
  • Clotheslines in front yard areas
  • Garbage cans stored in front or side yards except when placed immediately adjacent to streets within 12 hours of the scheduled day of collection
  • Packing boxes or other debris stored in yard areas  
  • Lumber, junk, trash or debris
  • Abandoned, discarded or unused objects of equipment such as automobiles, furniture, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, cans or containers
  • Stagnant water or excavations
  • Anachronistic signs (Signs maintained on a premises which advertise a use, product or service that is no longer offered on the property)
  • Graffiti


Non-Permitted Construction

Any type of construction done without first obtaining all required permits and approvals from the City of South Gate.


Review the General Policies on signs and Prohibited Signs.

Chapter 11.36 SIGNS

Municipal Codes


Where Do I Report Illegal Dumping Items?

To report items dumped illegally, call Public Works at (323) 563-5785 Monday to Thursday. 

To report items dumped illegally in the evenings or on weekends call the Illegal Dumping Hotline at (323) 563-9575.

Illegal dumping is a crime! Leaving trash and discarded items in alleys and other public spaces looks bad and poses community health and safety hazards and places a major economic burden on the city to clean up the trash. 

City, State and County laws specify strict penalties for people convicted of illegal dumping, which may include fines up to $10,000, seizure of their vehicle and/or six months in jail.

If you witness illegal dumping, report it immediately to the Police Department at (323) 563-5436 

Where Do I schedule a Bulky Item Pickup?

Call Universal Waste for free unwanted item pickup as often as once every month for single family residence. Contact customer service at (562) 334-3660 or online at

Common household bulky or bulk items include:

• Mattresses & Box Springs

• Bed Frames • Cabinets

• Sofa & Furniture Items

• Other items too large to fit into your regular service container 

Where Can I Report Graffiti to be Removed?

Graffiti Removal is offered citywide at no cost by calling the 24-hour Graffiti Hotline at 323-563-5773 or on line at please include location and a photo (if possible) of graffiti observed. 

Where Do I Call for Animal Control Services?

SEAACA is committed to answering the community's needs for responsible animal care and control services. Contact customer service at (562) 803-3301 to obtain more information.

Where Do I Call if I am Having Problems with the Landlord or Tenant?

The Fair Housing Foundation is dedicated to eliminating discrimination in housing and promoting equal access to housing choices for everyone. Contact the Fair Housing Foundation at (800) 446-3247 or online at  Fair Housing Foundation

Common services includes:

  • Landlord and tenant counseling
  • Victim of housing discrimination
  • Rental counseling
  • Outreach and Education


Where Do I Report Overcrowding, Rodents and Roaches?

The Environmental Health Division of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health is responsible for ensuring that residential housing is safe, sanitary, and fit for human habitation. This is accomplished through Routine Inspections of rental property with 5 and/or more units, and investigations of complaints involving any housing sites. Contact the Health Department at (888) 700-9995 or online to submit a report. 


Can I Change Use of the Garage Into a Playroom or Living Space?

Please contact the City's Planning Division at (323) 563-9565 to verify if your property meets the development standards to convert the garage into a living space per the City's Code. Community Development Department Page 


I Want to Build a Small Room to Store Gardening Tools and my Trash Cans. Do I Need a Permit?

You do not need a permit to build a structure that is 120 square feet or less (approximately 10 feet by 12 feet) without plumbing or electrical.  The structure must be a minimum of 6 feet away from other structures (house or garage), and 3 feet from the property line. Please call the Planning Division at 323-563-9565 or email for more information.

What Does not Require a Building Permit?

Use the following link to find out what projects do not require building permits: Projects Not Requiring Permits.

What Are Some of the Common Items that Require a Permit?

Please follow the provided link to learn what projects do require a permit: Projects Requiring Permits.

Where Can I Get More Information on Specific Code Requirements?

Do I have to Provide my Name and Address If I Want to Report a Violation?

No. However, you may leave your name and number if you wish to be contacted regarding the complaint. Please call 323-563-9558 to register a complaint.