City Clerk

Responsibilities of the Office of the City Clerk

  • Elections Official: Administers and Conducts Municipal Elections
  • Secretary: Serves as secretary to City Council, Successor Agency, Housing Authority, Public Access Corporation, Public Finance Authority, Oversight Board to Successor Agency, Measure P Oversight Board and Southeast Schools Coalition
  • Department Head: Serves as the Department Head for the Office of the City Clerk, managing staff and day to day operations
  • Filing Officer: Oversees compliance of Political Reform Act , 1974 that include filing of conflict of interest statements, campaign finance statements, and audits of these in accordance with the state laws
  • Administers the Oath of Office: For city elected officials and the Loyalty Oaths and Affirmations to all appointed city officials, city employees, and members of the public
  • Legislative Records Administration: Prepares and maintains the official legislative record and dissemination of approved legislative actions by the City Council
  • Records Management: Manages the official records, such as ordinances, resolutions, contracts, bonds, and sealed bids
  • Legal Notice Admin/Compliance: Oversees public hearing notices, compliance with the posting and publication of public notices, as required by law
  • Commissions: Receives and processes applications for appointment to City commissions, committees, and boards and maintains the membership roster
  • Historian: Maintains the history for City affiliated organizations and City Council records
  • Public Records Compliance Officer: Receives and processes public records requests, as required under the California Public Records Act
  • Municipal Code Reviewer: Oversees updates to the South Gate Municipal Code
  • Budget Administrator: Prepares and submits the City Clerk’s departmental budget for Council approval