Historic Seaborg House

Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg grew up in the City South Gate, attending South Gate schools and living in his family home at 9237 San Antonio Avenue. Dr. Seaborg went on to become a renowned Chemist receiving the Nobel Prize, discovering several elements and making critical contributions in the field of nuclear science. He advised ten U.S. Presidents (from Harry S. Truman to Bill Clinton) on nuclear policy and significant in the Manhattan Project.

In 1991, the City Council accepted the donation of the Glenn T. Seaborg House and agreed to preserve the home in a location for Public Purposes. The Seaborg House was later designated as a Culturally Significant Landmark. The exterior of the home was remodeled and permanently relocated along Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg Way, located adjacent to City Hall.

The City of South Gate understands the importance of preserving the historical Seaborg House that represents the humble beginnings of a resident that impacted the world!

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