Group of South Gate police officers

The Administration Division of the South Gate Police Department provides executive leadership and administrative support to the organization. Primary responsibilities include:

  • Budget Analysis
  • Internal Affairs
  • Legal Research
  • Personnel
    • Hiring
    • Planning
    • Recruiting
    • Training
  • Workers Compensation

Ancillary functions include

  • Explorer Program
  • Chaplaincy Program
  • Citizens on Patrol
  • Police Activities League
  • Volunteers

The Administration Division manages all grants awarded to the Police Department. The Administration Division is responsible for an array of activities and programs as well as maintaining the professional standards within the police department.

Southgate Police conducting a raid

Personnel, Recruitment & Training

The Administration Division is responsible for the recruitment and hiring of all sworn and civilian personnel at the Police Department, ensuring that all personnel are properly trained in their particular field and that training is maintained throughout the year.

South Gate police officer with motorbike

Internal Affairs Investigations

The Administration Division is tasked with investigating all service complaints directed at sworn and civilian personnel.

Also handled are risk management issues which justify the investigation of liability claims filed against the city. These complaints are investigated by Administrative Staff.

Volunteer/Intern Program

Police volunteers and interns supplement every division of the department by assisting in:

  • Crime Impact Team
  • Crime Prevention
  • Detective Bureau
  • Jail
  • Property and Evidence
  • Records
  • Traffic

Intern positions were created to aid Crime Analysis and Family Violence Prevention and Education.

Interns and volunteers are instrumental in coordinating and manning DUI checkpoints and cruising details, as well as various fundraisers and events throughout the year such as:

  • Family Day in the Park
  • National Police Week
  • Santa Cop Program (Which provides gifts and food to over 200 needy families in South Gate)
  • South Gate Christmas Parade

They also provide extra help with entering data, processing, and filing paperwork.

Darren Arakawa Chief of Police with a fellow South Gate police officer

Chaplain Program

Chaplains bring experience, training, and skills to tragic incidents that are specialized to law enforcement. As a team, both Chaplain and officer make an important difference in the lives of persons touched by tragedy. Chaplains serve to the personal and spiritual needs of individuals when they need the support of another person who comes to them without judgment, with openness, and cares for them until the crisis moment is over.

Chaplains come at any hour, in all kinds of weather. Their main job is to listen and comfort people who are in need be the person an officer or a community member. Chaplains also understand the difficulties of public bureaucracies, assisting with the "red tape" moments of life for officers and the public alike. They spend many hours riding as active passengers with officers on patrol duty.

Community in Action

The Community in Action meetings offers the citizens of South Gate a chance to meet with their city officials. The meetings provide an opportunity to ask questions and raise specific concerns about the community to representatives from both the City Council and the Police Departments. Meetings are conducted at the Community Civic Center once a month. Topics of coverage included Graffiti Removal, Police Department Budget Constraints, Code Enforcement, tips on how to help in an investigation, and other brief educational discussions concerning prevention of crime and home and personal safety.

Budget Analysis & Grants

The Administration Division is responsible for preparation of the Police Department’s annual budget, as well as the analysis, compliance, oversight and maintenance of all local, state, and federal grant awards to the Police Department. Grants are used to fund programs, as well as staff positions.