City Logo and Seal

City Logo

Main Logo

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Adopted by the South Gate City Council on March 23, 2018, the new City logo contains an interlocked “S” for South and “G” for Gate. The S and the G come together with a movement and rhythm that feel modern and iconic, forming a shape that uniquely represents South Gate. The logo was designed to feel dimensional, allowing one to feel at the center of South Gate, surrounded by the energy of the City.

Alternative Version of the Logo

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An alternate version of the logo has the unique “SG” typographic symbol at the center, with “City of South Gate Incorporated Jan 20, 1923” wrapped around the outer circle.

City Seal

City Seal

The City of South Gate (City) will continue to use the historic City seal, in addition to the new City logo. The City seal consists of a circular disk in the center, a cluster of azalea flowers at the lower left, and a shield at the lower right, as is described as follows:

At the center of the disk there is a gate opened by Lady Liberty standing in the center of the opened gates. The left side of the gate contains the word, “SOUTH” and the right side of the gate contains the word, “GATE”.

Lady Liberty is surrounded by the rays of the sun of Opportunity, having the word, “OPPORTUNITY” across the top of this center design.

The upper half of the circular disk is framed by the words, “CITY OF SOUTH GATE, CALIFORNIA”.

The lower half of the circular disk is framed by the words, “INCORPORATED – JAN. 20, 1923”.

At the lower left of the disk appears a cluster of three (3) azalea flowers with leaves.

At the lower right of the disk appears a shield that contains five white stars appearing in a horizontal row. The lower portion of the badge consists of six (6) vertical stripes. The shield contains the words “All-America City” appearing between the cap and the stripes of the shield.

Unauthorized Use Prohibited

The City seal and logo is a Trademark Mark (™) with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and is the exclusive property of the City of South Gate. Registration was obtained to protect the City’s brand and its integrity.

Unauthorized use of the City seal and logo is an infringement and is prohibited under State and Federal laws. The City logo may only be included in/on all official City of South Gate correspondence, marketing, property and sponsorships. Unauthorized use of the seal or logo (all or in part) may cause confusion, mistake, or deception about the user’s affiliation or connection with the City of South Gate and is strictly prohibited, and may subject the user to any and all legal recourse available to the City, including attorneys' fees.


The City Manager’s Office welcomes any questions regarding this policy or the proper use of the City’s registered logo. Please contact: (323) 563-9502 or email


The above is not intended to serve as legal advice. If you have questions regarding your legal rights, please consult an attorney.