Occupancy Inspection Requirements

In order to pass the occupancy inspection and avoid unnecessary delays, the property must comply with the following occupancy requirements.

  1. Property address must be identified on front and rear entrances of building (post 4" minimum height numbers/letters);
  2. Graffiti must be removed from exterior walls, windows, signs, sidewalks, parking lot, light standards, trash enclosures, fences, etc.;
  3. Unpermitted signage must be removed including signs installed by previous business. For signage permits, contact the Planning Division at (323) 563-9514;
  4. Trash enclosure area and roof must be clean and free of debris;
  5. Inoperative vehicles, discarded equipment, appliances, furniture, construction debris, etc. must be removed from property;
  6. Overgrown vegetation and weeds on sidewalk(s) and property must be trimmed;
  7. Stripping of parking stalls must be visible and disabled parking signs must be properly posted;
  8. Merchandise must be within an enclosed building. Outdoor display of merchandise requires approval from the Planning Division. For requirements, contact the Planning Division at (323) 563-9514;
  9. Obtain permits for tenant improvements. Tenant improvements include modifications to ceiling system, plumbing/electrical/mechanical work, demolition, etc;
  10. Outstanding permits for building; plumbing, electrical, mechanical, sewer and unpermitted construction/remodeling must be cleared with the Building and Safety Division. For more information, contact the Building and Safety Division at (323) 563-9583;
  11. Pending violations of a Conditional Use Permit with the Planning Division must be cleared. For information contact the Planning Division at (323) 563-9514.


At the time of application submittal, the applicant will be given the first available appointment for inspection, typically within 1-2 business days. Please note, the Building and Safety Division only conducts field inspections Monday-Thursday between 9am – 5pm, City Hall is closed Fridays. The applicant must provide the Inspector access to the property on the day of inspection. To schedule an occupancy inspection, contact the Building and Safety Division at (323) 563-9549, Monday – Thursday, 7am-5:30pm.


If corrections/repairs are requested as a result of the occupancy inspection, the inspector will issue a written notice that will indicate the steps required to repair/address the correction(s). The business owner must correct such violations before the Business License Application expires (60-days from date of submittal) to avoid additional fees. Failure to do so will require the applicant to re-apply and pay another application fee.

If the repairs require a permit, the permit must be obtained by the property owner or State Licensed Contractor with a South Gate Business License at City Hall, Building and Safety Division, Monday – Thursday, 7am-4:30pm. Payments for permits are collected until 4:30pm.