Helpful Tips & Information

What to Wear / Bring

Candidates should wear shorts, sweat pants or loose fitting clothing that will not restrict arm or leg movements and comfortable shoes with a gripping rubber sole. Prior to the start of each test, candidates will be provided with a 3-pound bullet proof vest, which must be worn during the obstacle course. Please bring your own bottle(s) of drinking water. Test monitors will be present at the time of the test to describe the test more fully and answer any questions.

Physical Preparation

Due to the physical stress involved in taking this test, it is recommended that each candidate increase their overall physical fitness well in advance to avoid injury and possible failure. Most candidates who fail the obstacle course were unable to scale the 6 foot wall and/or successfully drag the 165 pound “simulated victim” the required distance. A candidate may find that he or she can scale the 6 foot wall or drag the “simulated victim” the entire distance while rested, but not after completing all of the required parts of the obstacle course prior to those events.

Obviously, cardiovascular fitness plays an important role in one’s ability to successfully complete this examination. Preparation and practice will increase the candidate’s chances of passing this examination. Candidates who pass the physical agility test will be given the date and time of their oral interview.