Urban Orchard Project


The Urban Orchard Project is a proposal to construct a 30-acre passive park along the Los Angeles River planned to be implemented in three phases. The first phase of the Urban Orchard Project is a multifaceted $25 Million project that is a part of the Capital Improvement Program.  The project is located between the Los Angeles River, Firestone Boulevard, the Thunderbird Villa Mobile Home Park and the I-710 Freeway.  The two primary purposes are to divert and treat storm water run-off from the Los Angeles River and provide recreation opportunities to South Gate residents by constructing a new passive public park.  

The passive park features a community orchard with hundreds of fruit trees, a constructed wetland, an education garden, walking paths, native landscaping and a mile long extension of the Los Angeles River Trail.

The Urban Orchard Project is in the construction phase.  Improvements that have been substantially completed include but are not limited to rough grading, drop inlet for storm water diversion structures in the Bandini Channel, a wetland overlook area, the stream adjacent to the education/flexible space building and wetland, south bio swale, construction of 18 raised planters, planting of 75 trees,  installation of the prefabricated education center and the restroom/maintenance building, two shade structures, a water element at the playground,  installation of multi-use walking and bicycle pathways, exercise equipment located at various stages along the walking and bicycle paths, benches, picnic tables, drinking fountains, trash cans and pathway lighting.

The project is currently undergoing approval of the Los Angeles County Solid Waste Division and will resume construction after approval is received.

Click here to view a time lapse video of the Urban Orchard Project Construction

Project Contact: Gladis Deras, Project Manager, gderas@sogate.org

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