Special Business Licenses

Parking Lot Events

Whether your business is holding an outdoor sale or special event, a parking lot permit needs to be issued. Please come to the Business License Division (8650 California Avenue), fill out the application and bring in the necessary requirements. A plot plan with pictures of the actual space that will be used for the event and where it will be held must be submitted with the application. An approval letter from the property owner and other requirements may be needed depending on the details of your event. Staff will explain all additional requirements.

You must apply for the permit 2 weeks prior to the event as there are 5 departments that are involved in the inspection and approval process. Separate processing fees apply for the Business License and Building and Safety Divisions. There is a $20 per day fee if there will be any type of sales or entertainment at the event.

Sidewalk Sales

Procedures are very similar to the Parking lot sales; however, there is a charge of $204 per day for the sales event, and a refundable $300 cleaning fee. Proper insurance must be provided for license approval.


A special permit form needs to be turned in 60 days prior to commencement of the event. The license fee is $200 per day.

Push Cart Vendors

The city does not allow push cart vendors to operate in South Gate. The only exception is on the day of the Christmas Parade. Business license staff will be on-site the day of the parade to issue licenses in person.

Fireworks Stands

Must be eligible organization, established within the city for minimum of 1 year, had bona fide membership of at least 20 person, the majority residents of the city. Once permit is received sales can commence noon on June 28th and end 10 p.m. on July 4th. Only 20 permits are allowed per year. Permits must be filed between March 1st and May 1st, there are many requirements that will be given at the time the application is picked up. If you are returning you must have submitted the financial statements which reflects what the profits where used for, they must all have been used within the city, or you will not qualify the following year.

Christmas Tree Sales

You must apply 2 weeks prior to selling as a special permit is circulated and five different departments must inspect the location. Come to the Business License Division to pick up an application and receive all necessary requirements. You must have the property owner’s approval and Fire Department’s approval prior to the permit being issued. Separate fees from the Building and Safety Division and Business License Division will apply.


When applying for the license you must bring your ID and pocket card. If you are sending an agent, the agent must bring a notarized letter signed by the owner or business officer. The city will verify that the State Contractor’s License is active and in good standing, and that the person signing for the license is an actual officer.

This is a calendar year license, we do not provide monthly or quarterly licenses. The fee is $70 for the first $25,000 and $1 for each additional $1,000. The fee is based on the valuation of the job/project. A sub-contractor will also be required to apply for the business license, and pay the minimum of $70 if the full valuation is paid by the main contractor.