Tweedy Blvd Traffic Signal Synchronization Project

Tweedy Boulevard

Tweedy Boulevard is a busy arterial roadway serving over 25,000 vehicles a day and a high volume of pedestrians through a thriving shopping district.  The corridor is equipped with traffic signals that are synchronized with dated technology that can be replaced to improve safety and traffic conditions. 

The City is implementing the Tweedy Boulevard Traffic Signal Synchronization Project to enhance safety and traffic circulation by synchronizing 13 signalized intersections along Tweedy Boulevard from Victoria Avenue to Atlantic Avenue. The improvements include the installation of fiber optic cable, upgrade cabinets and controllers, re-wire intersections and installation of video detection systems.  According to the Federal Highway Administration, traffic signal synchronization provides the following benefits:

  • Improve air quality and reduce fuel consumption.
  • Reduce congestion and save time for commercial and emergency vehicles, buses, and the public.
  • Reduce the number of serious accidents.
  • Reduce aggressive driving behavior, including red-light running.

    A construction contract was awarded to California Professional Engineering Inc. at the January 10, 2023, City Council Meeting. The project is expected to start construction in April 2023 and be completed in 6 months.

    Construction activities include heavy equipment, traffic control, lane closures, and will temporarily impact parking and traffic signal operation.  Some construction activities will impact noise levels, such as during potholing and installation of new couduit.  Construction activities will be scheduled to minimize impacts, where feasible. Construction message boards will be placed 2 weeks prior to the start of the project to provided information needed to accommodate parking conditions and traffic circulation on the Boulevard. 

    The California Professional Engineering will be issuing a notice of construction with more information and contact information two weeks and two days prior to start of construction activities.

    Please adhere to the following safety tips:

  • Be patient and expect delays, especially during peak travel times.
  • Slow down and watch for workers and heavy equipment.
  • Avoid mobile phone use when driving through the construction zone.
  • Watch for parking restrictions and lane closures, use alternate routes and follow detours.
  • Do not climb or enter areas where crews are working or materials and equipment are stored.
  • Remember, this is a short-term inconvenience for a long-term traffic solution.

Project Contact: Jose Loera, T.E., City Traffic Engineer and Project Manager (, 323-563-9578)

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