Citywide Residential Resurfacing Project and Sidewalk Improvements


Project Description

  • The 5-Year Capital Improvement Program (CIP) includes funding for an annual Residential Resurfacing Project (RRP) and Citywide Sidewalk Improvements Project.  Both projects propose annual improvements on residential streets located citywide.  The RRP proposes to rehabilitate road pavements on residential streets to extend the life of their pavements. It entails grinding and overlaying road pavements and localized pavement repairs.  The Citywide Sidewalk Improvement Project proposes to enhance pedestrian safety.  The improvements include reconstruction of damaged sidewalks, drive approaches, cross gutters, curb and gutters and removing street trees, when needed.  Improvements also include access ramps to meet current American with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards.  

    Design is underway for the Citywide Residential Resurfacing Project Phases, I, II and III, as well as the Citywide Sidewalk Improvement Project Phase VIII.  Construction is anticipated to begin in Summer of 2022.  The project will be implemented concurrently to minimize impact to the public.  The streets planned to be included in the project are located on the west side of the City.

  • Project Manager: Kenneth Tang, P.E. (; 323-563-9574)