Citywide Parking Study

Public Works has retained the services of Minagar & Associates, to evaluate the parking issues being experienced on most residential neighborhood streets and commercial corridors, citywide. The study will evaluate parking issues by investigating all aspects creating the demand for street parking. These issues include current roadway parking conditions, local and regional transportation facilities, land use policies, enforcement, population and housing density, converted garages, households per property, illegal businesses operating in residential neighborhoods, etc. It will also look at how the current roadway design and transportation system is impacting parking. By quantifying the issues, effective short-, mid- and long-term solutions can be developed and implemented. Currently the City had completed the parking audits and has held multiple outreach meetings to ensure the input of the entire community is considered. The Citywide Parking Study report is currently being finalized, after which it will be taken to City Council where a course of action will be determined. 

Project Contact:  Jose Loera, Project Manager, 323-563-9578


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