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Stay in Shape at Home with These Virtual Exercises for Swimmers

No pool? No problem! We’ve got you covered with a variety of completely FREE swim-specific at home exercises intended to help you increase your strength, flexibility and overall physical mobility. No equipment necessary and all skill levels are welcome to participate. Stay in shape virtually and keep those muscles pumped while you’re away from the pool!

Dryland Workouts to do at Home

Dryland Exercises for Swimmers

Have you ever wondered what you could be doing out of the pool to increase your strength in the water? Dryland training! Often referred to as Strength and Conditioning, dryland training is activity done on land with the intended purpose of increasing strength, flexibility and overall physical mobility. This includes a number of different movements and exercises ranging from beginner to advanced skill level. Some exercises that are commonly performed include: Pushups, sit-ups, squats, etc.

Fun Swimming Exercises You Can Do Outside the Pool!

Practice your swim training with your little ones with these four great exercises--no pool required! Choose one or a couple exercises to do on different days. You don’t have to commit to practicing everyday. Once or twice a week is plenty and will keep your swim muscle memory fresh!

Resistance Band Workout You Can Do From Home

In terms of versatility, the resistance band is a chart-topper. With this piece of equipment, you’re equipped to complete mobility, strength, and power movements that can have a major impact on your swimming performance. Here’s a workout you can do if you can’t get to the pool. You can do this workout twice a week, resting at least 24 hours between sessions.

10 Dry Land Exercises for Swimmers You Can Do at Home

To improve as a swimmer, doing the right dry land exercises is crucial. They ensure that your fitness routine is well rounded. But they also help build muscle, agility, and stamina right where you need it most for endurance and the fastest swim times. They can reduce your risk of swim-related discomfort and injuries, too. Here are some highly effective land exercises for building up your swimmer’s body. And the best part is, all but one require no equipment (and the other is just a jump rope), so you can easily do these all at home, without a gym membership or equipped at-home fitness room.

How To Train For Swimming At Home Pt. 1 | Swim Training Exercises

Is your swimming pool currently closed? Heather has got a selection of exercises that you can pick and choose from that will all contribute to maintaining or even strengthening your swimming muscles in some way. So let’s dive in.

How To Train For Swimming At Home Pt. 2 | Band & Swim Chord Training Exercises

We can’t always get to the pool for a swim, or even the gym so improvisation is required. There are a few options when it comes to maintaining your swimming specific muscles and in this video, Heather is going to be focusing on the use of physio bands or swim cords!

Have a pool, or going to the beach or lake?

Senior Citizen Water Workout | Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is a great form of exercise for senior citizens because there’s no stress on the joints when you’re in the water.

Get Flat Abs With This Pool Workout | Class FitSugar

Get flat abs this summer with this core-crushing pool workout! These flat-belly exercises you can do underwater will get you healthy and fit in no time.

Sculpt & Tone Your Legs in the Pool Workout | Class FitSugar

Tone and sculpt your legs with these 5 moves you can do in the pool.

Swimming Freestyle Correctly (More Than 20 Tips Included!)

Do you struggle with swimming freestyle correctly and need tips and technique on this stroke? Or are you an experienced swimmer who swims freestyle so frequently that you don’t even recognize the bad habits you’ve developed. This video is the answer to all of your freestyle question for beginners and experienced swimmers. With more than 20 tips included, this video covers off on the fundamentals and freestyle tips like: Breathing, Arm Placement, Hand Entry, Finger Position, Catch, Recovery, Finish, Head Position and Kicking.

Open Water Swimming Tips For Beginners! | Essential Skills & Tips Your Next Open Water Swim

Are you new to open water swimming or maybe a bit out of practice? We’re here to help make sure you are ready to safely go swimming, preparing you for cold water, sighting, equipment, and more!

Tips & Safety Advice For Your Next Ocean Swim | Sea Swimming For Beginners

Ocean swimming is different from swimming in a lake or a river. All types of open water swimming is exhilarating and bring with it so many benefits, but it does come with a certain number of risks. Heather is here to cover tips specific to the ocean for how to prepare for your next sea swim!

Workouts For Open Water Swimming | Swim Session Ideas

Swimming around aimlessly in the open water is very nice, and beneficial to a degree. However, if you are really looking to improve, you do want to be popping some structure into some of those swims. Here are a few session examples for you!

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