Residential Pre-Sale Inspections

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Residential Pre-Sale Inspections

It is the intent of the City to protect new property owners against undisclosed illegal construction of additions, alterations or improvements on residential property by requiring that the buyer of a residential property be provided with a Pre-Sale Inspection Report prior to the sale or exchange of the property.

Pre-Sale Information Sheet(PDF, 279KB)
Pre-Sale Application(PDF, 201KB)
Pre-Sale Ordinance 9.62


Application Submittal for Pre-Sale Report


Property Owner

Any property owner/seller may apply for a Pre-Sale Inspection Report six (6) months prior to listing any residential building for sale.  Property owner will be required to present proof of ownership with a valid form of identification, such as California Identification with current address.


An agent may submit the Pre- Sale Application on behalf of the property owner/seller with one (1) of the following items:

  1. Notary acknowledgement certificate: The seller/property owner's signature on the Pre-Sale Application must be notarized by providing a notary acknowledgement certificate OR
  2. Notarized letter of authorization and copy of listing agreement: A notarized letter of authorization from the property owner/asset manager authorizing the listing agent to apply for the Pre-Sale application, and a copy of the listing agreement must be provided.

Bank Owned or REO

If the property is Bank owned/REO, a copy of the bank's listing agreement/assignment letter must be submitted with the application and signed by the agent named on the bank's listing agreement.  If application is mailed or submitted in person by a representative, the signature of the authorized listing agent must be notarized by submitting a notary acknowledgement certificate with the application.

Corporation Owned

If the property is owned by a corporation, a copy of the articles of corporation must be submitted with the application.  If the application is mailed or submitted in person by an authorized representative/agent, the signature of the authorized representative must be notarized by submitting a notary acknowledgement certificate with the application, and agent must provide a notarized letter of authorization from the corporation granting agent permission to submit application on their behalf.



Pre-Sale Inspection Fees

The regular fee for a Pre-sale property inspection is seventy-two dollars $72.00* (subject to change per fiscal year). The regular application turnaround is approximately 8 to 10 working days from the date of inspection.

To obtain the report within 2 to 3 working days after the inspection is completed, an expedited fee of $434.00* must be paid, and includes next working-day inspection (subject to change per fiscal year).

*Payment Methods: Cash or Check payable to the City of South Gate only (ATM available at City Hall)

Delivery of Pre-Sale Report

The Pre-Sale Inspection Report will be provided to all applicants listed on the Pre-Sale Application. The report will be delivered via mail, email or applicant may choose to pick-up report at City Hall, Building and Safety Division, Monday-Thursday, 7am – 4:30pm.

Additional copies of the Pre-sale Report will be made available to applicants for a $22.00* fee per copy. Prospective buyers are advised to request a copy from the property owner/seller or agent.

Expiration of Pre-Sale Report

The Pre-sale report is valid for a period of one (1) year from the date of issuance to the applicant(s).

Pre-Sale Inspection Process

The Building and Safety Division conduct an exterior inspection of the property and interior of accessory structures and garage. The Building & Safety Division will deliver a report which will contain building records, and a list of violations along with steps required to correct them.  If no violations are found, the report will indicate such.


Per the City Ordinance 9.62 Pre-Sale Housing Inspection, the City may only give the new buyer a “waiver” or additional time to correct all the violations on the Pre-Sale Inspection Report. Only the buyer may request up to 60 days from the close of escrow to pull permits, and 90 days from the close of escrow to correct all the violations found in the pre-sale report.  It is ultimately the City's decision to grant a delay of enforcement.

If waiver is granted, a $37.00 fee will apply. Please note that not all violations will be given a waiver.  All liens, garage restoration fees shall be paid in full prior to the closing of escrow.  A new waiver will not be granted if one is already recorded.


It is the sole responsibility of the property buyer to ensure that the waiver document gets recorded immediately after escrow closes and that all requirements contained therein are met. Once all fees have been paid and violations have been completed, the City will mail a “Clearance Letter” to applicant and a “Release of Encumbrance” to the property owner to remove the lien.