The Boulevard Project Phase II CIP No. 476-TRF

Closing date July 26, 2022, 11:00 AM


The Boulevard Project is an important project as it provided congestion relief, enhanced safety and addressed deferred maintenance on this important corridor. Construction of the first phase of the project has been completed in 2019. The second phase project will continue to make improvements on the following segments:
1. Segment 1 - a 1.4-mile, Firestone
Boulevard between Alameda Street and
California Avenue.
2. Segment 2 - a 1.1-mile, Firestone
Boulevard between California Avenue and
Annetta Avenue.
The Phase II improvements includes bus turn outs, street widening, pedestrian lighting, bus shelters, concrete bus pads, pavement rehabilitation, traffic signal and street light modifications, and other ADA improvements needed to complete the project.


Please follow the ebidboard link below to access the notice of inviting bids, plans, and specifications{BF2C74EF-A2E4-4DE1-838F-6B35DAA0E099}