Adult Classes

Art Class

Class will teach art fundamentals including drawing, perspectives, shading and still renderings.

Dog Agility Class

Your Dog will learn to crawl, jump, retrieve and weave. (Prerequisite: Dog must attend Dog Obedience and must know: sit, stay, lay & come. Dog must also be 6 weeks or older with all current vaccinations.)  

Dog Obedience

Class will include basic obedience commands and socialization.

CEA H.O.W. Compulsive Eaters

This class is for Spanish speakers only. The program uses the principles of the 12 step program used in A.A.

Guitar Lessons

This class will teach you the proper posture, finger technique, and musicianship that is required to play the guitar correctly.

Piano Lessons

Piano class is designed to teach the concepts and fundamentals needed to perform the piano.

The Parks & Recreation Department is always in search of new instructors who would like to become a contractor instructor. Contractor instructors give the community opportunities to develop new skills they didn't know they could possess. Have a specific talent or skill and would like to teach others?

If so contact (323) 563- 5447
Monday - Thursday from 8:30 am - 5:30 pm