Garage Sale Permits

You can apply for a permit at City Hall in the Business License Division. The cash only fee is $15. You must provide an ID that reflects the residence where you will be holding the garage sale. If you have recently moved, you must provide a current utility bill (e.g., water, gas, or electric) with the correct address along with your photo ID.


You are allowed 1 permit over a 6-month period per address, and garage sales can only take place on the 3rd Saturday and Sunday of the month. If you reside in an apartment building, you must bring a letter from owner/manager approving the use of the outdoor area where you will be holding the sale.

Garage Sale Sign Regulations

You can display 2 signs advertising a garage sale. The signs can only be placed in your front or side yard, at least 5 feet away from the curb or sidewalk, and each sign cannot exceed 6 square feet in area. Signs must be removed from your yard by 6 p.m. on the day of the sale. No flags, banners, pennants, or similar items are allowed.

The city prohibits signs placed on public property. This means you cannot display a garage sale sign on/at the following locations:
  • Bus stops
  • Fences
  • Park space
  • Public benches
  • Sidewalk space
  • Street light poles
  • Telephone poles
  • Traffic safety poles
  • Trees aligning the sidewalk
  • Utility boxes

More Information

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping the city clean from unwanted materials. For more information visit the office or contact the office at 323-563-9527.