City Hall Complex and Facilities Improvements

The City Hall Complex and Facilities Improvements Project will serve to address maintenance issues at several City owned facilities located at the City Hall Complex, Civic Center, and South Gate Park. One of the primary elements of the project is the re-landscaping of the City Hall Complex to implement a sustainable and drought tolerant design. Other project improvements include the repainting of City Hall, South Gate Court house, Police Department Building, Sports Center, Girls Club House and Golf Course Starter Shack and the rehabilitation and repainting of the Civic Center exterior.

Project Schedule

​​​Construction is began Tuesday, September 2, 2016 and expected to be completed in December, 2016.​​​​

What to Expect

​There will be high levels of activity at project designated facilities. Some things you might expect to encounter are:​
​• Canvases, scaffoldings, and painters outside City facilities.​
​• At times, employee parking may be blocked. Alerts will begiven out in advance to advice staff of when parking will be limited.​
​• Noise from landscaping efforts.​
​• Construction equipment.​​

South Gate’s Priorities: Safety and Ease

​We understand that construction may cause some inconvenience. Our priorities while this project is under construction is to ensure the safety and ease of our residents, general public, and City employees. All facilities will be open to the public during regular business hours and safe access will be provided at all times.​

Project Benefits

​• Exterior repainting and maintenance upgrades.
​• A new drought tolerant landscape.
​• Decreases long term maintenance costs.
​• Improved Park facilities.•Revitalization of Civic Center Complex.