City Wide Valve Turning and Flushing


The City of South Gate will be conducting a valve turning and flushing program concurrently at various locations throughout the City. Flushing hydrants is an important preventative procedure that maintains the integrity of the water system and helps deliver the highest quality water to our customers. Flushing while valves are exercised enhances the cleaning process and removes sediment buildup from the distribution system.

Flushing, even in drought conditions, is a necessary part of maintaining our water distribution system and the quality of the water. South Gate has a responsibility to ensure the more than 96,000 residents we serve have safe clean water. If hydrants are left unattended they will eventually impede water flow, which can lead to reduced water flows for fire protection and cause taste and discoloration issues. Flushing helps remove this buildup to keep water clean and safe.

Objective: Through this project, we will continue to provide the highest quality of water to our residents.

What to Expect:

• Flushing and valve turning program will begin Wednesday, March 9, 2016 from 9pm – 4am.

• South Gate staff will post signs and leave door hangers in surrounding areas.

• Temporary discoloration may occur during the flushing procedure.

• Temporary flow of water may be observed in the streets and gutters.


For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Chris Castillo, Water Division Manager, City of South Gate, at (323) 563-5790 or