Our Projects

  1. Safe Routes To School, Cycle 10

  2. Firestone Blvd Capacity Enhancement

  3. Imperial Hwy and Garfield Ave Rehabilition

  4. State Street & Safe Routes Cycles 8 and 9

  5. Firestone Blvd Bridge Widening

    This project will widen the South Side of the Firestone Boulevard Bridge over the Los Angeles River and will add a dedicated right turn lane, shoulders, and a center raised median from Rayo Avenue to the I-710 freeway.

  6. Elizabeth Reservoir and New Well No. 29

    In an effort to continue to increase the quality life for its residents, the City of South Gate has launched a comprehensive plan that will significantly improve the City’s water system. This project is located at the Well No. 28 project site (adjacent to South Gate High School) and the Santa Fe Tower Tank Site (South East corner of Santa Fe Avenue and Ardmore Avenue). In 2011, the City increased its water rates in preparation for these improvements. Various state-of-the-art amenities will be installed at both sites such as a reservoir, booster pump station, piping upgrades, and upgraded infrastructure. These improvements also include the replacement of old water lines, which result in higher water quality. This project will not interrupt current service and water rates will not be affected.

  7. City Wide Valve Turning and Flushing

    The City of South Gate will be conducting a valve turning and flushing program concurrently at various locations throughout the City. Flushing hydrants is an important preventative procedure that maintains the integrity of the water system and helps deliver the highest quality water to our customers. Flushing while valves are exercised enhances the cleaning process and removes sediment buildup from the distribution system.

  8. Advanced Water Meter Replacement

    Coming soon

  9. City Hall Complex and Facilities Improvements