Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

The City of South Gate is developing a Local Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP) and a General Plan Safety Element. Together, the two documents provide the City’s framework to mitigate local risks from natural hazards and plan for a resilient future. City staff is working with a consultant, a stakeholder advisory committee, and the public to develop up-to-date plans that protect life and property in the community. 

Input from residents, businesses, and the local community is an important part of plan development. The City is hosting an online survey to obtain the public's thoughts on natural disasters in the community. In addition, members of the public can stop by booths hosted by the City at several upcoming community events throughout South Gate. At these booths, project information will be available and input from the community will be invited.

The City will continue to share regular updates on this effort and opportunities for input. Draft plans are anticipated by the end of this year. 

Fore more information, please visit to the LHMP webpage at southgatehmp.com.