Pre-Sale Corrections

If violation(s) were found, the report will indicate the steps recommended to repair/address the violation(s). All construction permits required per the report shall be obtained by a State Licensed Contractor at City Hall, Building and Safety Division. If no corrections or violations are found, the report will indicate such.

If violations are discovered as a result of the inspection, the seller must correct such violations prior to the close of escrow, or unless a waiver is signed by the new buyer that the new buyer will pay for permits 60 days from the close of escrow and complete all corrections within 90 days from the close of escrow.

Once corrections are completed and permits obtained and approved, a re-inspection must be requested to verify compliance. If inspection passes, the inspector will provide a “Clearance Letter” within 2 working days, and mail the letter to the seller/property owner to proceed with the close of escrow. If escrow is no longer active, the Clearance Letter is good for six (6) months from the recorded date.