Transferring Out of the Area

One of the most popular features of the Housing Voucher program is its portability.  That means you can move anywhere in the country that has a voucher program and take your assistance with you.  The first step in any move is contacting your Housing Specialist.  Contact the South Gate Housing Authority to set up an appointment.  The move process may take 30 to 60 days, so think ahead.  To be eligible to transfer (port) your Housing Choice Voucher to another Housing Authority, you need to meet certain requirements. 
We must receive your notice to vacate and intent to transfer out of the area in order to being the portability process.
Here are some important things you should know if you decide to transfer (port) your Housing Choice Voucher to another Housing Authority.  
  • We must receive your notice to vacate and intent to transfer out of the area in order to begin the portability process.  
  • It is recommended that you give a 60-day notice to move from your present unit, instead of a 30-day notice, to allow additional time for the processing of your transfer. 
  • You need to complete the term of your lease.
  • You need to give proper notice to your landlord.  You cannot break your lease. 
  • If you owe money or if it is found that you or a family member has engaged in criminal activities you will not be allowed ti keep your voucher when you move. 
Upon receipt of your notice to vacate and your intent to transfer you must complete a Request for Portability.

If you are receiving your voucher for the first time the other Housing's income limits will apply, and you may bot be eligible for assistance at that location.  

Always be conscious of your voucher's expiration date.  You cannot receive assistance once your voucher expires.  Please note, if other Housing Authority does not have enough time to process your voucher prior to its expiration, you may be denied assistance.  

Keep in mind that some Housing Authorities are not accepting transfers to their area.  It is very important to note, all Housing Authorities have different policies and procedures.  You are responsible to abide by policies and procedures of the new Housing Authority.  You may receive a reduction in the number of bedrooms allowed on your voucher, because the new Housing Authority may have different standards. 
Please contact the Housing Authority to find out if it is accepting voucher transfers at this time, processing time, income limits, payment standards, availability of rental units, average rents, and other information that may affect your benefits.  

You will need adequate resources to provide for your living expenses and move-in costs while your assistance is being processed.  Assistance is never processed retroactively, so if you move into a unit before inspection and contract are completed, you are responsible for the full rent.