Safe Routes to School, Cycle 10 - Improvements Near South Gate Middle School

This project will install traffic signals, crosswalks, advanced yield markings/signs, pedestrian crossing signs, countdown signals, curb ramps with truncated domes, and advanced stop bars around South Gate Middle School. Locations include Otis Street and Firestone Boulevard, San Miguel Avenue and Firestone Boulevard, Southern Avenue and San Vicente Avenue, and Otis Street between Southern Avenue and Firestone Boulevard. This project is funded by a State grant. It is currently in the design phase. Construction is anticipated to begin by Spring 2017.

Safe Routes to School Construction Update

Getting to and from school should be easy, accessible, and safe. The City’s goal is to improve quality of life by providing safer walking and biking routes for students in surrounding schools. The SR2S Improvements will ensure that drivers are aware of their speed, increase pedestrian safety and visibility, encourage bicycling, and encourage students to walk to and from school to keep them healthy and active.

Construction work on the project is substantially complete.

- 17 speed signs have been installed in the vicinity of several elementary, middle, and high schools.

-  A Flashing beacon has been installed near the Santa Ana Street and Madison Avenue intersection by State Street School. 

- Dedicated bike and pedestrian paths have been installed along Southern Avenue from California Avenue to Burke Avenue. Mid-block medians are being installed and expected to be completed in early October 2016.

- Pavement rehabilitation on Alexander Avenue from Southern Avenue to the South City limits was completed on February 12, 2016. This included the replacement of curb ramps, sidewalks, curb & gutter, placement of asphalt and traffic striping. It also included the addition of dedicated bike lanes.


Through this project, we hope to strengthen our community’s image, create a sense of place, and promote health and fitness. With the participation and engagement of the community, we can help make South Gate a more fun, vibrant, and safe community.

Safe Route to School Construction Documents