Economic Activity Report

Each year, the Community Development Department produces an Economic Activity Report for the City Council. The most current version was presented on November 10, 2014.

In brief, the latest report details the estimated 3,300 jobs that have been, or will be created (new and transferred) as a result of all the new commercial and industrial development, with more to come. It also highlights the azalea Regional Shopping Center, the Crossing at Firestone, along with the re-tenanting of over 775,000 square feet of industrial space. Also mentioned are a number of new restaurants, several housing projects and selected smaller retail developments.

Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability
The section "Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability" provides a glimpse into the city's growing inventory of "green" projects. This Sustainability category includes the proposed Ciclavia Southeast Los Angeles, where slightly over 1/2 the route is proposed to be located in South Gate. The open/car free streets event is tentatively set for May 2016. Review the Economic Activity Report for 2014 (PDF) for more information.