Council Member Gil Hurtado

Council Experience
Gil Hurtado currently represents the South Gate City Council as a Council Member. He was elected in 2005 for his 1st term in office, and was re-elected in 2009 and 2013 for an additional 4 years. Gil currently represents the City of South Gate on the Executive Board on the Gateway Cities Council of Governments, the Executive Board on the Independent Cities Finance Authority and as Chairman of the I-710 Project Committee.

Junior Athletic Association Involvement
For over 20 years, Gil has been a member of the South Gate Junior Athletic Association (SGJAA) and for nearly 20 years has served as its President. The SGJAA is the largest youth organization in the city and has been recognized for its ability to continue to provide sports programs at an affordable fee. He has coached scores of baseball, softball and basketball teams. Many of the participants have gone on to be part of their local high school teams and many have also achieved college scholarships.

Gil recently retired from a government agency management position that he held for nearly 3 decades. Since his retirement, Gil has been spending his free time visiting local schools encouraging young people to study and prepare themselves for the future.

Helping Fight Obesity
In an effort to address the obesity issue in the southeast area, Gil speaks on the importance of eating healthy as well as exercising. Over the last 8 years, he has completed 8 L.A. Marathons. He is a strong advocate on the importance of education and is currently preparing to go back to college to get a teaching credential so that he can teach part-time in the community.

Personal Information
Gil and his wife, Lily, moved into South Gate in 1984 and together they raised their son John and daughter Natalie, who attended Bryson Elementary, South Gate Middle School and South Gate High School. He and Lily enjoy helping raise their 2 grandchildren, Sally and Liam.