Meet the City Council

  1. Mayor W.H. (Bill) De Witt

    W.H. (Bill) De Witt was 1st elected to serve as a Member of the South Gate City Council in November of 1980 and has served on and off since. His current term of office expires in March 2017.

  2. Vice Mayor Maria Davila

    Maria Davila was 1st elected to the South Gate City Council on January 28, 2003, and re-elected on March 3, 2003, March 6, 2007, March 8, 2011, and March 3, 2015 for 4-year terms.

  3. Council Member Maria "Belen" Bernal

    Maria Belen Bernal was sworn in as a City Council Member on April 14, 2015, to serve her first four-year term. Prior to serving on City Council she was the City Treasurer for six years.

  4. Council Member Gil Hurtado

    Gil Hurtado was elected in 2005 for his 1st term in office, and was re-elected in 2009 and 2013 for additional 4-year terms.

  5. Council Member Jorge Morales

    Jorge Morales was elected to the South Gate City Council in March 2011 and re-elected in March 2015.