March 3, 2015 Election

Municipal Election Cancelled
The South Gate Municipal Election scheduled for Tuesday, March 3, 2015, was cancelled due to a lack of no more candidates than there are seats available. With only three candidates filing paperwork for the three open seats, an election would have yielded those same candidates as winners.

As authorized by the State of California Elections Code, the South Gate City Council voted on December 16, 2014, to cancel the Municipal Election due to the number of candidates. Doing so saved approximately $120,000 for the City. Those three people that submitted nomination papers to run for the City Council positions were appointed into office on April 14, 2015.

The South Gate City Council, City Clerk, and City Treasurer are all elected officials. As such, all elected positions follow the same code for administration of election in the State of California. 

For questions regarding the cancelled City of South Gate Municipal Election, please call the South Gate City Clerk’s Office at 323-563-9573.